Water and Sustainable Infrastructure Showcase

Seekers can post Challenges to this Showcase to access a wealth of Solvers with bright and creative minds that will help solve critical water problems. Reach a larger audience of potential problem solvers and opportunities that can accelerate your programs in Water and Sustainable Infrastructure. Here, Seekers will launch prize Challenges that target specific problems within various areas, including:

Water Availability – Water availability is critical to meeting the needs of a growing population and economy. There is significant need to meet current and future water demands for agriculture, municipal, industrial, rural, recreation, power, and ecosystem needs.

Environmental Compliance – operations that ensures our watersheds are healthy and are able to continue producing the water supplies necessary to meet the competing uses for water across the world.  This includes complying with global, national, and regional environmental laws such as those requiring the protection and recovery of threatened and endangered aquatic species.

Infrastructure Sustainability – A safe, well-maintained, and reliable inventory of dams, pipelines, hydropower generation facilities, canals, and levees is key to making water available to meet the water needs of the world.

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