Solving Global Challenges across Sectors

Introducing NEXUS Challenges

What if one solution could solve a problem experienced in multiple areas? Make a difference in multiple sectors by joining our new Nexus Challenges – problem statements designed to make real impacts everywhere, for multiple companies and in multiple areas.

Submit your solutions, your pitch offering, or your expertise for a chance to partner with global companies, governments, and NGOs.

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Climate – Net Zero 2030

In every industry, country, or business, we need to become more sustainable in order to reach ambitious climate and carbon neutral goals. For a safer, healthier planet for everyone, help global organizations to address and innovate in Climate.

Health – Healthy Aging 2030

Everyone on our planet deserves a long, happy, healthy life. Join our Nexus Challenges in Health to assist pharmaceutical giants, healthcare systems, and innovative start-ups to improve worldwide health.

Security – Secure Futures 2030

No matter your focus, security is always important. Whether you’re an individual, a company, or a government, it’s important to lead the way to a safe and secure future – in person, at work, and online.

Inclusion – Inequality Reduction 2030

Equal opportunities and access for people is critical, no matter where they come from or who they are. Join Inclusion Nexus Challenges to move the needle and innovate for greater equality and fairness.

Powered by Wazoku Data

When Nexus Challenges are posted, we will ask for new submissions on our Challenge Center, while also scanning our Solution History, and scouting for relevant start-ups and SMEs to include in the Challenge. Wazoku Data combines our 20 years of experience in open innovation and crowdsourcing, where thousands of Seeker organizations have benefited from proven, tangible solutions to their business problems and opportunities.

If you’ve submitted a solution in the past that we believe could be of interest in a Nexus Challenge, we will contact you and offer the opportunity to post your solution in the new Challenge – a process that takes just 2 minutes.

Who can take part?

  • Individuals with ideas, solutions, and IP; pitch offerings; or relevant expertise.
  • Teams of Solvers with ideas, solutions, and IP; pitch offerings; or relevant expertise.
  • Innovative companies of any size looking for partnership, investment, or incubation/accelerator opportunities.
  • WIN Scouts: people with specific knowledge and contact information about companies or solutions of interest.

The Process


Solvers submit innovative solutions and proposals via the Wazoku Crowd platform.


Expert reviewers identify top solutions with substantial impact potential.


Shortlisted Solvers receive mentorship to refine their solutions, pitches, and expertise.

Showcase Your Solutions

The final part of the Nexus Challenge process are Wazoku-led Showcase opportunities, where Solvers can present these refined solutions or pitches to a curated global network of Seekers. During this process, you can potentially secure follow-on engagement and commercial opportunities.

Shape the Future

Your solutions and proposals will have the best chance of changing the world through partnerships with leading global organizations.

What happens if I win?

  1. If your solution or company is shortlisted in a Nexus Challenge, you will be contacted about how best we can Showcase your solution.
  2. Before this happens, selected Solvers will receive mentorship to refine and develop their solutions and pitches. Solvers prepare to present their solutions to a network of Seekers from across the global Wazoku network.
  3. Solvers will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions, offerings, or expertise to a curated panel of potential corporate partners from R&D, Corporate Venturing, Innovation, Product teams, and beyond.
  4. Showcasing can take many forms, including pitches in private sessions with the aim to land pilots, investment, or other commercial opportunities.
  5. Nexus participants who are successful in winning any business or investment will pay a 10% success fee to Wazoku for any financial benefits gained through the process. Wazoku will pay WIN Scouts a referral from these proceeds.
Got any questions about Nexus Challenges, how they work, or the potential benefits? Join us in our Solver Community and ask them today!