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Linamar’s Innovation Hub (iHub) is creating a new future with products that are world leaders in technology, innovation, and manufacturing. If you are an innovator at a start-up or scale-up with a game-changing technology, our experienced team will help drive your success – come WIN with us!

By partnering with aspiring entrepreneurial start-ups/scale-up partners, we act upon our Vision 2100 and “Commercialize Creativity by using our Culture”, launching transformative products that improve the lives of millions and our planet. If you have a game-changing hardware solution that enhances the lives of millions and the health of our planet, then we want to work with you! With expertise no matter the material used, partnering with Linamar can provide a successful launchpad to bring your product offering to market quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Linamar’s Innovation Hub (iHub) is creating a new future with products that are world leaders in technology, innovation, and manufacturing. iHub is delivering solutions to global problems across several strategic markets:

If you are looking for:
  • Advanced manufacturing partner to support global purchasing, assembly, and scaling manufacturing operations
  • Supply chain resiliency for your product
  • Entering or expanding a new market and want regional manufacturing
  • Wanting to optimize your design with Linamar’s manufacturing expertise to lower costs and become more competitive
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Industrialize with ease by partnering with Linamar

Linamar is one of the world’s leading advanced manufacturing companies, combining technology and expertise to create solutions that power vehicles, motion, work, and lives. We are looking for start-ups and scale-ups looking to partner with our manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain capabilities.

Headquartered in Canada, with multiple convenient global locations specialized in manufacturing both Industrial and Mobility solutions, and with Linamar’s medical solutions group, Linamar MedTech, focused on manufacturing solutions for medical devices and precision medical components.


R&D Centers




Manufacturing Locations



With expertise no matter the material used, partnering with Linamar can provide a successful launchpad to bring your hardware offering to market quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. With a growing manufacturing need across the world, Linamar’s global supply chain provides peace of mind, with everything you need to scale and support your solution handled in an existing, proven system.

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How to get started

Wazoku and Linamar are calling for start-ups and scale-ups looking to utilize Linamar’s leading manufacturing and supply capabilities in mobility, water management and medtech

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Linamar has a few short questions about your company's aims, readiness, and funding.

Shortlisting and Decisions

Linamar will carefully evaluate all start-up and scale-up applications. Those selected will be invited to a 1-1 interview, with final feedback provided to all applicants within 30 days.

Next Steps

Scale up your manufacturing power and grow your success. Linamar will tailor each collaboration to your needs to ensure a successful long-term partnership.


  • Initially, what you submit to Linamar should be high-level company information and assets you are comfortable sharing publicly. The first interview will be to assess fit, which will then be followed by a more in-depth interview where you will be covered by a NDA.

  • Wazoku and Linamar are committed to letting all interested parties know about their fit for these projects as quickly as possible. After initial Wazoku screening, Linamar will let us know within 2 weeks of receipt of your proposal whether they would like to move forward with an initial interview. Then, after your initial interview, Linamar is committed to sharing their intentions and next steps (if applicable) within a subsequent 2-week time period.

  • Yes! Wazoku and Linamar feel that every Solver, start-up, or scale-up who submits in these Challenges should receive feedback. We will provide reasonable notice and analysis on why your application did or did not move to the next stage for all start-ups and scale-ups that complete the submission form relevantly and clearly.

Success Stories


Linamar partnered with Israel-based SoftWheel Ltd., to scale up and meet their production requirements.


Partnering with IMSystems, the Automation & Robotics Gearbox leader based in Delft, The Netherlands, Linamar committed to be the manufacturing source for the system once the design was proven and required scale up.


Battery pack module leader eMatrix entered into an exclusive Manufacturing and Licensing Agreement with Linamar, with the eMatrix CEO stating: “Our partnership with Linamar will allow us to incorporate their renowned manufacturing expertise, as well as utilize their facilities worldwide, to expand our manufacturing and distribution capabilities.”
Linamar power lines


Linamar is scouting for the latest start-ups and scale-ups with hardware products, prototypes, and solutions in Power. Find out more about the Linamar Power project here!
Your innovative product could be in: power generation, power storage, heat generation, thermal or alternative energy, hydrogen, fuel cells, electrolyzers, carbon capture, power saving, renewables, nuclear energy, and more! However – Linamar is not interested in solar power products at this time.
A key focus is around innovative products with metal components that require complex machining and assembly. Linamar’s mature manufacturing expertise and dedicated teams could save you thousands of dollars, assist your journey to scale, and reduce resource and time costs by turning manual product creation into an automated process!
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With a rich 60-year legacy in manufacturing, Linamar is now partnering with startups and scale-ups in the mobility sector, assisting their product launch and commercialization. Leveraging our strong presence in vehicle manufacturing, our objective is to “Move the World” in new, sustainable ways.

Linamar is excited to collaborate and support forward-thinking companies, ushering in a dynamic future in:

  • Electric/Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Micro-mobility
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles

Water management

Rising demand, pollution, and climate change threaten global water security. Urgent action is needed through sustainable management and conservation to avert severe scarcity. Linamar partners with start-ups and scale-ups to find innovative product solutions to improve water resources for a sustainable future.
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater management
  • Water conservation
  • Desalination
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial water management
  • Water quality monitoring


Linamar is searching for start-ups and scale-ups with a hardware product, prototype, or solution in MedTech.

Our precision manufacturing and worldwide presence can provide a proven launchpad to bring your offering to market quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. If your hardware solution is complex, mechanical, and using mostly metal or precision-manufactured parts, register to find out more information about how Linamar could accelerate your road to launch or scale.

With Linamar’s Innovation Hub achieving ISO13485 certification, we’re seeking late-stage medical device companies in:

  • Diagnostic Devices
  • Assistive Devices
  • Rehabilitation Devices
  • Treatment Devices
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Imaging Devices
  • Laboratory Equipment