Catalyze the net zero transition with Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, uses advanced metals chemistry to tackle the world’s biggest problems and opportunities. As the world faces the challenges of climate change, energy supply issues, and resource scarcity, we actively provide solutions for our customers.

Many of the world’s leading energy, chemicals, and automotive businesses depend on our technology and expertise to catalyze their decarbonization, emissions management, and sustainability efforts.

Partnering with the Wazoku Crowd and its worldwide Solver Community, we’re running complex, novel Challenges to act as a force multiplier to our work – pushing Solvers to use their chemical and materials expertise in exchange for award or collaboration.

Work with us today to accelerate the net zero transition and change the world:

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Our Focus Areas

We’re making it our business to address four essential transitions to bring about a more sustainable future:

  • Driving down automotive emissions – 20 million tonnes of pollutants stopped by our catalytic converters every year
  • Transforming our energy systems – 18% of our energy will be made from hydrogen sources every year by 2050
  • Decarbonizing chemicals production – leading in the synthesis gas (syngas) value chain for decades
  • Creating a circular economy ­– Johnson Matthey is the world’s largest recycler of platinum group metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, and osmium)

Johnson Matthey addresses three markets in energy, chemicals, and automotive, through four market-leading businesses. Through inspiring science and continued innovation, we are catalyzing the net zero transition for millions of people every day.

Working with Wazoku Crowd in open innovation, we are leveraging new skills and technologies to drive further sustainability and circularity wins.

Collaboration and Innovation – we stay at the cutting-edge, partaking in ecosystems and roundtables to learn more.

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“By running this open innovation Challenge, we’ve received two concepts for a process – not just a proposal – in only two months.”

Ronan Bellabarba
Technology Manager, Johnson Matthey

Case Study: Green Hydrogen

In the Sustainable Synthesis of Multi-Ring Compounds Challenge, we offered a $15,000 USD award pool to find an industrially-viable concept to make liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) materials at scale. This Challenge started as an opportunity to expand Johnson Matthey’s capabilities in the hydrogen economy, and the increased storage density, ease of transport, safety, and cost-effectiveness of solutions has opened up potential programs of work across the business.

In just 8 weeks from end-to-end, Johnson Matthey received 37 solutions from Solvers across 5 continents – particularly in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

“By running this open innovation Challenge, we’ve received two concepts for a process – not just a proposal – in only two months.”
// Ronan Bellabarba – Technology Manager, Johnson Matthey

Two outstanding submissions were rewarded from the $15,000 USD award in this Challenge: the winning Solvers provided critical insight and ideas around aromatic multi-ring compounds being used as LOHCs.