Wazoku Crowd Challenges

Wazoku wants to make your use of any Wazoku website enjoyable and will endeavor to keep challenges and their updates related to your submissions as current as possible.

To participate in Wazoku Crowd Challenges we invite you to register as a Solver at this Wazoku Crowd website and to abide by the Terms of Use.

You are very welcome to join the Wazoku Crowd Community site to meet and support each other, with access to useful tools and resources by joining https://community.wazokucrowd.com/home.

Wazoku Crowd Challenges can have different requirements; some will only request limited information, others may contain more detailed solution requirements at different levels of solution maturity, and may require the transfer of non-exclusive or exclusive intellectual property (IP) rights, or none at all. If necessary, some requirements may be shared in password-protected areas of the site.

The types of Solver participation vary from challenge to challenge; the invited participation types are clearly stated in each Wazoku Crowd Challenge. These are the common Participation Type options:

  • Solver (Individual) – Someone with a solution, concept, method, technique, or technology to help solve the problem or explore the opportunity. There is a separate field to capture your experience, if you have a solution and also wish to share your expertise. Innovation is at the core, you often don’t need to have direct expertise in the space or its adjacencies.
  • Solver (organization) – Similar to above, except that the Solver is representing their Company.
  • WIN Scout – Solvers who propose potentially suitable partners (startups or experts) from their network, which is a participation opportunity offered by many of the challenges or requests regularly published by Wazoku.
    As a WIN Scout, by referring a relevant partner you will be recognised with a share of the stated recognition award if your referral meets certain minimum criteria of detail, relevance, and format.
    Wazoku welcomes WIN Scouts and referred partners to become active members of Wazoku Innovation Networks (WIN).
  • Expert – Someone with direct knowledge, experience, or expertise in or around the problem, whose help would be consultative, rather than proposing a specific solution.

In most cases prior to your submission, Wazoku will invite you to register your interest and accept the Challenge Agreement (also referred to as the Challenge Specific Agreement or CSA), which are the terms and conditions associated with each Challenge and which may include some confidentiality obligations.

  1. The Seeker is the company or entity posting the challenge to the Wazoku Crowd.
  2. Wazoku and the Seeker do have the right to verify your eligibility to participate in any challenge. Participation is not allowed by minors (those under 18 years of age) or by citizens or entities from countries of residence prohibited by law, regulation, treaty or administrative act from entering into trade relations with the United States or its citizens.
  3. Your personal data will only be processed or used by Wazoku in accordance with Wazoku’s Privacy Policy which can be located at https://www.wazokucrowd.com/privacy-policy/.
  4. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Wazoku Crowd Challenge prior to submitting a proposal, and in many cases to communicate with other Solvers about participating together in a challenge as a team, if you prefer.
  5. In many cases Seekers will have the opportunity to send messages directly to you about your submission to a Wazoku Crowd Challenge, and they will welcome your feedback, clarifications and answers.
  6. We ask that your proposed solution should not contain ideas, concepts, solutions or technology owned by a third party, unless you have the permission of the owner or are sharing non-confidential information in the public domain.
  7. By submitting a proposed solution you may later be asked to provide reasonable assistance and additional information concerning your proposed solution to Wazoku or the Seeker during Challenge posting and evaluation, which may involve relevant papers for example, in connection with the transfer of IP rights.
  8. If you are an individual representing a business or other entity, you are authorized to submit on behalf of that business or entity.
  9. You recognize that other parties may provide the Seeker or others, or make public, or the Seeker may already have materials or ideas that are the same or similar to your proposed solution, which the Seeker can use without compensation to you.
  10. Acceptance or otherwise of your proposed solution may depend on the meeting of solution requirements stated in the Challenge or a review of your proposal in relation to a potential services agreement or other contractual relationship. This decision will be notified to you within a reasonable period after the due date for submissions. The Seeker will have the discretion to determine whether to accept your proposed solution, and whether to make an award or state an interest to collaborate.
  11. If required by the Challenge there may be an exclusivity period during which you are asked not to grant away any rights in your proposed solution or reveal it to any third party, except under terms of strict confidentiality.
  12. We may ask you to guarantee that in the event it becomes necessary to transfer any requested IP rights to be eligible for an award, that the transfer is lawful in exchange for the award of any prize, that you be responsible for avoiding obstacles, and that no consents, will be necessary from anyone else, such as:
    • Any employer, former employer, collaborator or other entity you are or have been associated with, or those entitled to related royalties
    • Any government official, regulatory body or other authority
  13. If a prize is due to you the payment will in most cases be paid to you by Wazoku after the completion of certain verification procedures which will require your cooperation, and subsequent review by the Seeker. In most cases the prize will be paid to you in U.S Dollars.
  14. You (and Wazoku) acknowledge that the Seeker is the third-party beneficiary of this work and will in many cases be granted rights to allow them to assert certain provisions.