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External Innovation


Using the Wazoku Crowd allows you to step outside your current limits to both discover new opportunities and solve existing problems. These millions of problem solvers break down industry, location, and language boundaries.

We’re the world’s first open talent crowd to receive the prestigious accreditation from the Center for Transformation of Work (CTW). That means that the CTW believes we are leading the charge for their strategic aims to transform the world of work for 1 billion people by 2025.

This collective intelligence allows our customers to tackle problems outside organizational and industry-specific thinking: bringing a streamlined and novel approach to problem-solving.

Why not ask them for their insights on the issues you face?

What the Wazoku Crowd Gives You


High ROI and valuable outcomes

External innovation is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than the traditional innovation methods that rely on internal talent alone. With the Wazoku Platform it also brings a proven ROI of 182% in just 2 months, according to Forrester.

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Access to more eyes on the problem 24/7

By opening up your innovation to audiences outside your network, you get greater visibility for your organization’s needs. With Innovation_360, you can seek the always-on insights of millions of global problem solvers from the Wazoku Crowd.


Endless problem-solving capability

Utilizing external innovation as part of your innovation activities can better foster a more innovative culture. Making external insights a core part of who you consult can deliver thousands of people-hour savings that frees up time to pursue other priorities.

Why Should You Use Wazoku Crowd?

Wazoku has a proven track record of delivering solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Our success rate on external innovation Challenges is over 80% across a 20-year period. We’ve run 2,500+ Challenges and counting, and have captured 200,000+ innovations for our clients.

These aren’t just impractical ideas, either: each solution is specifically awarded based on its ability to solve your problems. This means you can convert idea to impact quickly and efficiently.

This Collective Intelligence approach is as close to risk-free as using ideas from the outside can be: with distinct Challenges types, you can set your IP permissions and fully own the ideas that come out of them.

Our Wazoku Platform is end-to-end secure and integrated across your existing systems. So, no matter what device you use or region you’re based in, you control permissions and can freely change as and when you want to.

The mutual benefits of our Crowd mean that whoever solves your problem also sees value for them, too. We’ve paid out more than $60 million in awards to our Solvers, as well as providing supply chains with the tools to optimize their performance. That means these aren’t just outsiders feeding you information, but people who can make a genuine difference to the future of your business.

Air Force Research Lab logo

By opening this Challenge up to the world through Wazoku, we were able to multiply the number of people thinking about this problem over 100-fold and received a workable solution within a 60-day period.

Alok Das
Senior Scientist – Air Force Research Laboratory

Key Features

A new perspective – when your team or organization works on a problem or opportunity, you naturally see it through existing lenses, industry contexts, and assumed constraints. Over the last 20 years our customers have found that successful Solvers rarely fit into their traditional hiring profile

Extended capability problem solving to meet deadlines often takes up a lot of a team’s time, but the Solvers in the Wazoku Challenge Community offer an extended capability. For NASA, we delivered solutions from 3,000 Solvers who contributed a total of 82 working months to the problem at hand – that’s 5,840 hours of work that they only had to pay a single, fixed award amount for!

Always-on – because our growing Challenge Community spans 195+ countries and millions of Change Makers, your problem can be worked on day and night.

Across industry boundaries – when your team or organization works on a problem or opportunity, you naturally see it through existing lenses, industry contexts, and assumed constraints. Using external innovation allows you to step outside the box and explore a different way of solving.

Ever-expanding – the Wazoku Crowd is populated with creative and intelligent problem solvers who can provide critical value to your organization. The best news is: our crowd is growing every day. In 2022 alone we’ve added Solvers from MIT’s innovation community, 6,000+ expert immunologists through The Geneva Learning Foundation, and access to 2m+ UK-based students with JISC.

Securethe Innovation_360 platform is enterprise secure and has customizable and controlled IP agreements to ensure that whatever solutions come out of your external innovation belong to you.

Why Use Wazoku for External Innovation?

Wazoku has twenty years of direct experience in facilitating solutions for companies through crowdsourcing on a global scale. Our connected communities, co-creation capability, and the Wazoku Crowd community of millions of proven problem solvers set us as the gold-standard for external innovation.

We offer you the chance to access ideas from outside your network all in one place. You can manage IP agreements, award amounts, and the implementation of solutions through one platform: Innovation_360. Streamlining innovation practices in this way better positions all of our customers to deliver better results and innovate at scale.

Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology has a track record of radically improving the outcomes our customers achieve. By bringing focus and a dedicated process, the framework ensures that every part of your innovation work is considered, and nothing gets left behind. The framework keeps your innovation project on schedule and is geared towards delivering solutions which are closely aligned to your needs and objectives.

Using external innovation build consistent and replicable value where previous one-off lightbulb moments only papered over the cracks.

Don't just take our word for it:

Oil Spill Recovery Institute

If it was easily solved by people within the industry, it would have been solved by people within the industry. The Wazoku process allows us to step outside of the box.

Scott Pegau
Research Program Manager – Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI)
70% of ideas captured through external innovation are brought from fields and industries outside the problem’s area – so it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find them organically.
Defence Technology Agency

Using external innovation helped us close the miles between us and potential solutions. With Solvers from the other side of the world, it’s unlikely we ever would have found them without partnering with Wazoku on this Challenge.

Janelle Aitken
Acting Director Operations Support – Defence Technology Agency

Whatever Your Needs or Industry

External innovation provides critical value for your organization regardless of your need, size, or industry. We’ve worked successfully for twenty years with customers from across the innovation maturity pipeline and have a proven track record delivering sustainable and scalable results for our clients.

Wazoku can help, whether you plan to use Wazoku Crowd as a force multiplier to existing capabilities, as a one-off solution to a problem, or as part of an ongoing cultural shift. Our Customer Success and Challenge Design teams work in tandem with you: to ensure a successful solution is delivered.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes across industry boundaries such as financial institutions, engineering firms, water and energy operators, not-for-profits, and many more. Read more about our success through our Customer Stories.

The Wazoku Crowd

Across 403 consumer-packaged goods and food & beverages challenges, the Wazoku Crowd engaged through 116,799 active Solvers from 143 countries

Active Solvers

Solutions found through the Wazoku Crowd don’t always take the form of a pre-packaged idea: they can come in a collaboration agreement, contact for future opportunities, or a tested hypothesis for you to build on.

Award amounts and the type of awards can also change depending on your needs. For instance, with GlaxoSmithKline, a relatively-low award amount for the Pharma industry saw the delivery of 66 possible solutions that advanced research. The new scientific proof-of-principle that resulted from the Challenge has a much larger financial impact than just the $5,000 award.

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking to learn more about scaling your external innovation, are ready to book a consultation to run a Challenge, or want to ask us a question about the Wazoku Challenge Community, it all starts with getting in touch.

Our friendly and expert team would love the chance to talk you through everything. You can learn more about us by meeting the team or see evidence of how we continue to deliver success for our clients across every industry by browsing our Customer Stories.

Let’s change the world, one idea at a time. Start your external innovation journey today!