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Can you collaborate with the Seeker for this Challenge, to bring expertise or to develop a technology or process, which informs customers about important information changes that can affect them financially and to personalise this outbound communication experience for them?

Customers are primarily individual citizens.

The Seeker is looking for know-how, concepts, methods, and technologies that can personalise the experience and timing for customers receiving this unexpected sensitive information, often related to financial adjustments, to reduce their need to follow up by telephone with the Seeker for clarification.

This is a Scouting Challenge seeking a partner or supplier to provide systems or expertise to solve the Seeker’s business challenge; the Solver is invited to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the goal of establishing a collaborative partnership.

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Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on the 27th of November 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.



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The Seeker faces complex challenges in adapting customer information to various scenarios, often affecting customers financially. Customers have varying levels of familiarity with the Seeker’s operations and the reasons behind these adjustments. While informing customers about these changes, the current notification methods primarily through letters are costly, contain complex information, lack tailored details for each customer’s individual situation and what the impact is to the customer i.e. what does the change mean for them and when does it affect them.

Customers are primarily individual citizens.

Existing methods often confuse, worry, and discourage customers, leading to non-compliance with rules and policies, necessitating their follow-up contact with the Seeker by telephone for clarification. 



The Seeker is searching for collaboration proposals, leading to the digitization of customer communications. Use of this expertise, method or technology will allow for the Seeker to ensure that communication is personalised at the right time, in the right channel and provides relevant context. Making communications understandable, concise and useful, based on their context will avoid creating concern for customers from the inherent ambiguity which has often led to their unnecessary and costly telephone contact.

The Seeker invites experts who can assist them by sharing best practices and solution ideas for crafting personalised customer communications using available data, and ensuring relevant steps to mitigate or reduce any associated risks, as needed in relation to information management. This expertise will involve knowledge of methods, techniques, and technologies that can provide reassurance, understanding and improvement to the overall customer experience.

The Seeker is open to all suggestions.

Solvers are encouraged to suggest know-how, concepts, solutions or mature technologies, or your knowledge about mature technologies that could be adapted to this context as needed. The collaboration can be based around solutions with Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 1-9: from ideas about WHAT to do, concepts/solutions with HOW to achieve this, and proposals advising about existing mature technologies and/or WHO can provide these.

For submissions proposing technologies, the Seeker is interested in those with the potential to meet the following requirement:

  1. Authentication and Identity Verification – any solution ideally should implement robust authentication methods to verify the identity of individuals accessing or receiving communications. 


This is a Scouting Challenge, which has the following features:

  1. The Seeker will evaluate your submission to determine their interest to contact you for further business and collaboration discussions.
  2. If further contact is requested, you can negotiate the terms of the contract (including scope of work, tasks and duration) directly with the Seeker.
  3. The monetary value of any contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed upon time frame.



Please complete the submission form.

The submitted proposals must be written in English and can include:

  1. Participation type – you will first be asked to inform us how you are participating in this challenge, as a Solver (Individual), Solver (Organization), or Expert.
  2. Solution Stage - the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your proposal, TRL1-3 ideation stage, TRL4-6 proof of concept stage, TRL7-9 production ready stage or not applicable (if your submission is as an expert).
  3. Problem & Opportunity - highlight the innovation in your approach to the Problem, its point of difference, and the specific advantages/benefits this brings (up to 500 words).
  4. Solution Overview - detail the features of your proposal and how they address the Solution Requirements (500 words, there is space to add more in the summary field below, and to add any appropriate supporting data, diagrams, etc).
  5. Experience - Expertise, use cases and skills you or your organization have in relation to your proposal (up to 500 words).
  6. Solution Risks - any risks you see with your solution and how you would plan for this (up to 500 words).
  7. Timeline, capability and costs - describe what you think is required to deliver the solution, estimated time and cost (up to 500 words).
  8. Online References - provide links to any publications, articles or press releases of relevance (up to 500 words).


Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on the 27th of November 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

Wazoku encourages the use by Solvers of AI approaches to help develop their submissions, though any produced solely with generative AI are not of interest.

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Your submission will be evaluated by the evaluation team first reviewing the information and content you have submitted at the submission form, with attachments used as additional context to your form submission. Submissions relying solely on attachments will receive less attention from the evaluation team.

After the Challenge submission due date, the Seeker will complete the review process and make a decision with regards to the potential collaboration(s) according to the timeline in the Challenge header.  All Solvers who submit a proposal will be notified about the status of their submissions.

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