Sealing and Tracking Container-Based Consignments across the UK

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The Seeker for this Wazoku Crowd Challenge is seeking vendors and suppliers that can provide ready, implementable, highly secure sealing solutions which can track the progress of container-based consignment journeys across the UK.

This Challenge requires submissions that detail a product or solution that can both physically seal shipping containers to ensure the consignment remains tamper-proof and also provide the systems/technology for sharing detailed tracking information with multiple authorized users while the container travels to its destination.

Improved protection of container-based consignments and tracking of their progress will unlock greater efficiency for the Seeker from the point of entry into the UK to storage locations across the UK. There can be 100+ consignments in progress at any one time.

This is a Scouting Challenge seeking a partner or supplier to provide systems or expertise to solve the Seeker’s business challenge; the Solver is invited to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the March 2024 goal of establishing a collaborative partnership.

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Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on the 30th of January 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.



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A slicker and better system for understanding specific information around container-based consignments within the UK would improve the efficiency of operations and increase data intelligence for the multiple users involved.

The Seeker is searching for partners and suppliers who can provide ready, mature solutions or expertise that can be used for sealing containers and the associated systems for tracking the movement and progress of the container for real-time sharing with their authorized users. In this Challenge, the Seeker would ideally find a partner, supplier, vendor, solution provider willing to quickly spin up, test, and interrogate the capability of its solution to meet the must-have requirements of the Challenge ahead of a March 2024 partnership goal for the Seeker.

Various solutions can provide effective hardware or physical seals for containers or software systems for their effective tracking and status updates. The Seeker for this Challenge is looking for an integrated solution or product, that meets multifunctional requirements.

The core capability that an effective partner or supplier must have is a solution that can guarantee the untampered status of containers (except by authorized personnel) and their location/tracking enroute from entry into the UK to their destination anywhere in the UK. This section will further detail the criteria, use cases, and capabilities that providers must meet to be successful in solving this Scouting Challenge.

Physical Security: Seal, Lock, or Other Method

Implementing a ready solution with a lock or seal will ensure the container and its contents are not opened or tampered with until it reaches its destination where final checks can take place. This seal, lock, or security solution must consist of a physical application to the container.

The seal must be tamper-proof, to prevent interference with goods by anyone other than authorized personnel, and its structure/method must be able to withstand environmental conditions primarily being shockproof and UK weatherproof.

The physical seal must also have basic encryption, to obfuscate the seal location data, and a unique alphanumeric identifier and location.

Location and Movement Tracking Capability

A physical seal is required which can also be linked to a system to track the location, progress, and status of the container-based consignment – while moving from A to B.

The Seeker for this Challenge is interested in how to track container-based consignments in real time, scalable to 100+ consignments, with tracking occurring in a map-based view or interface. The geography for transporting these consignments may also include areas of low-to-no cellular signal, so innovative approaches to maintaining tracking/communication are required by the Seeker.

The Seeker is aware of RFID sealing technologies used in parcel deliveries that combine a physical seal with location-tracking capability. Similarly, plasticized RFID approaches (for a better protected seal than in commercial packages) are known to the Seeker, and participants with similar solutions are encouraged to highlight where their solution improves upon this existing approach.

Tracking of container-based consignments must be able to be completed on a variety of electronic devices: on laptops and desktops, as well as through mobile applications on phones and tablets.

Communication: Notifications, System, and Data

Tracking the location, progress, and status of the sealed container-based shipments requires information to be shared in real-time across authorized users of the system. In order to give these users the knowledge about the physical seal’s status, location, and movement of the container-based consignment, the Seeker is looking for vendors with a system that can provide notifications when any unexpected change of circumstances occurs enroute. These notifications must be deliverable by phone, email, SMS, mobile application, or through integration with typical infrastructure systems, and must be scalable to 100+ consignments at any one time.

The variety of notifications can include different use cases, that your product must be able to meet:

  • Damage/tampering of the physical seal – with associated metadata, such as location and timestamp.
  • Lack of movement of the container-based consignment – sending notifications when the container is static beyond specified, approved times (scheduled breaks, overnight stops).
  • Diversion or deviation from specified routes or journey milestones – notifications to users of the system when the container, for instance, moves in the wrong direction from its destination.

Solution providers and vendors should detail the capabilities for communications between users in the field conducting the same activities. This interaction and communication should also include uploading photos of consignments to the system to validate different activities: receipt of delivery, authorized removal of the physical seal, and/or closing a case.

On the system requirement, the Seeker requires that vendor systems have integrations capability with typical infrastructure systems. More details about the Seeker’s infrastructure will be shared following collaboration.

Combining tamper-proof and weatherproof seals with the software or system to track and notify about the status of containers will help to innovate the process and improve efficiency in delivery.



While the Seeker is interested in the separate component parts of this Challenge (physical seals; tracking; systems management), primary consideration will be given to partners, suppliers, and solution providers who can provide an integrated solution. The intention is to quickly identify and test validated solutions in order to solve an urgent business need.



The Seeker is primarily interested in integrated hardware and software solutions with the potential to meet the following must-have requirements:

  1. Effective physical sealing of container-based consignments - Hardware
    • Tamper-proof seal
    • Seal can withstand environmental conditions typical to the UK, being weatherproof
    • Each seal to have unique alphanumeric identifier and location
    • Each seal to have basic encryption to obfuscate the seal location data
  2. Tracking Capability
    • Ability to track container-based consignments in real-time, with overlay of map-based view
    • Ability to track consignments via laptop, desktop, and mobile device e.g. through an app
  3. Notifications - by phone, email, SMS, and mobile application
    • To receive notifications when seal is tampered with and/or damaged, with associated metadata – including location and timestamp
    • To receive notifications when a container is static beyond specified time parameters
    • To receive notifications when a container is diverted from specific route parameters
    • To receive notifications when issues arise with seal and overall system
  4. Communications
    • For users of the system to be able to communicate with other users conducting the same activities
    • For communication among users to be possible at locations with limited or no cellular communication signal
    • For users to be able to download tracking data
  5. System Requirements
    • Capability of handling multiple tracking instances (around 100 concurrently)
    • For users to be able to upload photos of consignments to system


The Seeker is interested in solutions demonstrating:

  1. Level of innovation – both simple and innovative products, and open to considering novel approaches or solutions providing these have the scope to be tested or trialed within one to two months.
  2. Tracking and notifications that can meet further use cases - beyond simple movement and location tracking; please indicate where your solution has the scope to improve upon the must-have requirements.


Solvers are encouraged to propose existing concepts, solutions and mature technologies, or your knowledge and expertise about mature technologies that could be adapted to this context as needed. Any collaboration will be based around solutions with Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 7-9: proposals advising about existing solutions and mature technologies and/or WHO can provide these.

This is a Scouting Challenge, which has the following features:

  1. The Seeker will evaluate your submission to determine their interest to contact you for further business and collaboration discussions. The Seeker has the goal of establishing a collaborative partnership during March 2024.
  2. If further contact is requested, you can negotiate the terms of the contract (including scope of work, tasks and duration) directly with the Seeker.
  3. The monetary value of any contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed upon time frame.



Please login and register your interest, to complete the submission form.

The submitted proposals must be written in English and can include:

  1. Participation type – you will first be asked to inform us how you are participating in this challenge, as a Solver (Individual), Solver (Organization), Expert.
  2. Solution Stage - the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your proposal, TRL1-3 ideation stage, TRL4-6 proof of concept stage, TRL7-9 production ready stage or not applicable (if your submission is as an expert).
  3. Problem & Opportunity - highlight the innovation in your approach to the Problem, its point of difference, and the specific advantages/benefits this brings (up to 500 words).
  4. Solution Overview - detail the features of your proposal and how they address the Solution Requirements (up to 500 words, there is space to add more, and to add any appropriate supporting data, diagrams, etc).
  5. Experience - Expertise, use cases and skills you or your organization have in relation to your proposal (up to 500 words).
  6. Solution Risks - any risks you see with your solution and how you would plan for this (up to 500 words).
  7. Timeline, capability and costs - describe what you think is required to deliver the solution, estimated time and cost (up to 500 words).
  8. References - provide links to any publications or press releases of relevance (up to 500 words).

Wazoku encourages the use by Solvers of AI approaches to help develop their submissions, though any produced solely with generative AI are not of interest.

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Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on 30th of January, 2024.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Your submission will be evaluated by the evaluation team first reviewing the information and content you have submitted at the submission form, with attachments used as additional context to your form submission. Submissions relying solely on attachments will receive less attention from the evaluation team.

After the Challenge submission due date, the Seeker will complete the review process and make a decision with regards to potential collaboration(s) according to the timeline in the Challenge header. All Solvers who submit a proposal will be notified about the status of their submissions.

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