Removal of Iron Pentacarbonyl from Chemical Reactions

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This Challenge is looking for a new technology to reduce the concentration of iron pentacarbonyl that accumulates during the chemical synthesis of methanol.

This Theoretical Challenge requires only a written proposal.


Iron pentacarbonyl that accumulates during the chemical synthesis of methanol has negative downstream effects on the process, predominantly by poisoning the reaction catalyst. Current approaches to removing iron pentacarbonyl from the reaction are not fully effective.

The goal of this Challenge is to identify a technology that would be able to dramatically reduce the concentration of iron pentacarbonyl in an effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable way.

This is a Theoretical Challenge that requires only a written proposal to be submitted. The Challenge award will be contingent upon the theoretical evaluation of the proposal by the Seeker.

To receive an award, the Solvers will have to transfer to the Seeker their exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the solution. 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on July 24, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

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