Hardware Device Design for IoT Energy Monitoring

18 Submissions
$30,000 USD
Due:  4th Mar 2024

Challenge overview


A2A, the Seeker for this Wazoku Crowd Challenge, is looking to design a hardware receiving device that unlocks the ability to take real-time corrective action to adjust energy consumption for users.

Our energy habits have economic and environmental impacts on ourselves and the world around us. Developing a device capable of receiving real-time data sent by a household energy meter and sharing it to the cloud will allow users to immediately become aware of consumption via an app, encouraging them to reduce waste.

Solvers are asked to describe in detail the hardware of a receiving device that A2A can utilize to revolutionize household energy footprint monitoring and correction. While not mandatory for award, Solvers are encouraged to indicate steps to prototyping or include prototype results in their submissions, though no experimental validation will take place in this Challenge. The receiving device will act as an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway, collecting information from the meter and forwarding to a cloud platform that can be accessed by end users.

This is a Prize Challenge which requires a written proposal to be submitted. Awards will be contingent upon the theoretical evaluation of the proposal by A2A. For this Prize Challenge, Solvers are required to transfer all rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) in their proposed solution, to be awarded. 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on March 4th, 2024.

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The A2A Group is the largest Italian multi-utility, at the forefront of territorial services and technological solutions. We design smart and sustainable cities, with respect for the citizens, we are protagonists of energy transition, and we implement the principle of the circular economy in all our activities. With a far-reaching strategic plan, we manage the generation, sale and distribution of electricity and gas, district heating, waste collection and recovery, e-mobility, public lighting, and the integrated water services.

Employees of ­­­­A2A are ineligible to receive an award for this Challenge.

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Solutions with Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 4-9 are invited, for proof of concept stage submissions detailing HOW to achieve this and for production ready stage submissions requiring collaboration proposals about existing technologies and/or WHO can provide these.

This is a Prize Challenge, which has the following features:

  1. The best solution in this Prize Challenge has the opportunity to win the award of $30,000 if you meet all requirements, as solely determined by A2A.
  2. Awards will be contingent upon the theoretical evaluation of the proposal by A2A. Any submission with the prototype included will be given greater weight in evaluation by A2A.
  3. For this Prize Challenge, Solvers are required to transfer all rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) in their proposed solution, to be awarded.
  4. For proposed solutions that are already commercially-available, A2A will not require any transfer of IP rights. A2A encourages the sharing of knowledge about existing technologies, however if they are not your own A2A is willing to consider a partial award for such proposals that merit their further pursuit.
  5. A2A may also issue “Honorable Mention” recognitions for notable submissions that are not selected for monetary awards.


Late submissions will not be considered.

Your submission will be evaluated by the evaluation team first reviewing the information and content you have submitted at the submission form, with attachments used as additional context to your form submission. Submissions relying solely on attachments will receive less attention from the evaluation team.

After the Challenge submission due date, A2A will complete the review process and make a decision with regards to the winning solution(s) according to the timeline in the Challenge header. All Solvers who submit a proposal will be notified about the status of their submissions.

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