Bonding of Polymeric Materials without Adhesives

$10,000 USD

Challenge overview

The Seeker is looking for alternative methods to bond specific polymeric materials together other than adhesives. These polymeric materials can be in many forms including fabrics, rubber, foams and films. The bond must be durable and offer advantages over adhesives like cost and time savings. 

This Theoretical Challenge requires only a written proposal.

Dissimilar materials are often bonded together using adhesives. These usually increase the number of steps, time and cost of manufacture significantly. The Seeker would like to find alternative bonding methods for their specific polymer material applications. 

This is a Theoretical Challenge that requires only a written proposal to be submitted. The Challenge award will be contingent upon theoretical evaluation of the proposal by the Seeker. 

To receive an award, the Solvers will have to transfer to the Seeker their exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the solution. However, the Seeker will be willing to consider a licensing agreement for a partial award if exclusive IP cannot be transferred by the Solver. 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on May 30, 2016. 

Late submissions will not be considered.


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